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Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Washington, an experienced Vancouver criminal defense attorney can help.  Priest Criminal Defense handles common cases like DUI, Domestic Violence, Drug Charges and Thefts.  We also handle more complicated criminal charges like serious felony offenses, white collar crimes, and more.  When hiring a criminal defense lawyer, it pays to hire someone with the necessary trial experience, expertise, and negotiation skill to help you fight your criminal charges.  No matter how bad the criminal case against you or a loved one might seem, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can exploit weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and help you achieve the best possible outcome.  Priest Criminal Defense handles cases throughout Clark County, Washington in Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Battleground.  We also travel all over Southwest Washington wherever a good criminal defense attorney is needed.  We offer a free consultation on every criminal case, so there is no risk in calling an an experienced criminal attorney rather than going it alone.  Whether you are charged with a DUI, a domestic violence charge, or something far more serious, call Priest Criminal Defense today.  It might just be the most important phone call you make.

DUI Lawyer

DUI criminal charges are the most common criminal charges around.  If you are facing a DUI charge, it is imperative that you consult with the best DUI lawyer you can find.  A DUI conviction can require a long jail term, thousands of dollars in fines, a loss of your driver’s license, probation, forced alcohol treatment, and more.  Even though DUI charges are often misdemeanor matters, they can be among the most complicated criminal charges.  A routine DUI case will often involve expert witnesses, scientific evidence, and potential constitutional claims.  Your average attorney can easily overlook defenses, pitfalls, and crucial evidence when dealing with a DUI case.  Therefore, hiring the best DUI attorney is absolutely vital if you are facing a DUI charge.  Priest Criminal Defense has experience with hundreds of DUI cases, involving trials on several dozen of those.  You can leave your case to chance, or you can call Priest Criminal Defense.

Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyer

Domestic violence charges can turn your life upside down.  Even a simple fight between spouses can escalate quickly into an arrest and being charged with a domestic violence crime.  In Washington, police are required to make an arrest if they are called to a domestic disturbance and one person says it got physical.  Once an arrest is made, charges almost always follow.  Domestic violence charges always result in booking and, if you don’t bail out on the charge, facing a judge in court to be arraigned while in custody.  Almost always, the Court will enter a no contact order between you and the alleged victim, which can last a long, long time.  As you can see, it can be vital that you consult with an experienced domestic violence lawyer if you are facing a domestic violence criminal charge.

Felony Criminal Defense Lawyer

“I don’t want to answer any more questions and I want to talk to an attorney”  –A Smart Man

Priest Criminal Defense can assist you through all phases of the criminal justice system.  If you have become the suspect in any criminal investigation, you have the constitutional right to say “I don’t want to answer your questions and I want to talk to an attorney.”  If you tell the police that, they must immediately cease asking you questions and, as promptly as possible, given you the opportunity to call a criminal defense attorney.  Some people think that the police might “go easy” on them if they just cooperate and answer all police questions.  Some people even think they can talk their way out of trouble.  Both types of people are wrong.  In every one of those cases, the police want you to answer their questions so they can use your answers against you.  Without exception, you should stop talking and contact a criminal defense attorney to help you out.  Therefore, save the phone number above in your phone and don’t hesitate to exercise your constitutional rights to remain silent and to an attorney.  You will be glad you did.

From Arraignment to Trial and On to Appeals

We offer affordable flat-fee options and even payment plans

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your case at the earliest possible point is crucial to minimizing your exposure to criminal punishment.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you from your first court appearance at arraignment, through pretrial hearings and motion, during trial, and even after a conviction on an appeal to a higher court.  Priest Criminal Defense offers a variety of payment structures and payment plans to help clients have access to a qualified criminal defense attorney without having to be rich.  Criminal defense is not cheap, but we will work with you on the payments for those of our clients who can’t afford to pay all up front.  Call today!

Other Services

A criminal defense attorney’s job is never boring, because there are no shortage of criminal charges.  While the most common criminal charges are DUI, domestic violence, and drug charges, Priest Criminal Defense can help you fight a variety of other criminal charges.  These cases include Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Assault, Forgery, Identity Theft, Hunting and Fishing infractions, Hit and Runs, Reckless Driving, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and Obstruction, just to name a few.  Rest assured, no matter what the charge, Priest Criminal Defense can help.  In addition to criminal matters, Priest Criminal Defense can help in traffic court and administrative proceedings related to criminal charges, like Department of License Hearings and the like.  Call today to inquire how we can help you out of a tough situation.

While not criminal in nature, traffic tickets are often issued to persons also accused of a crime. For instance, a DUI defendant may also be cited for speeding, failure to signal, and defective taillights. Even when not associated with criminal charges, Priest Criminal Defense can help you fight your traffic tickets. Traffic tickets can add up quickly and even cause you to lose your driver’s license if you’re not careful. Therefore, if you want to fight your traffic tickets or infractions but don’t want to go it alone, call an attorney for help today.

  • Speeding Tickets
  • No Insurance Tickets
  • Commercial Driver License Matters


If you were convicted of a crime years ago, but it still is costing you jobs or housing opportunities, you may be able to have it expunged from your record. Once expunged, that conviction will prevent law enforcement from disseminating the conviction information, that conviction cannot be used in future sentencing determinations and you need not report in future job or housing applications. Perhaps you were arrested and charged for a crime but never convicted, but your record still shows the blemish of your having faced criminal charges. You might also be able to remove this from your criminal record, as well. If you want to try to erase a mistake from your past, call an attorney for help today.

Department of Licensing Hearings

Sometimes just being charged with a DUI is enough to get your license suspended. If you are arrested for a DUI charge and blow over a 0.08% or refuse a breath or blood test, the Department of License will likely automatically move to suspend your driver’s license. You can challenge this suspension, but time is of the essence. If you wait too long, you may be stuck with no driver’s license without having had a chance to fight. This can happen even if you beat the DUI or are never formally charged with a DUI. These administrative hearings are often complicated, so a knowledgeable DUI attorney can help you challenge your license suspension. Priest Criminal Defense even handles these administrative proceedings for free when you hire us to be the attorney on your DUI charge. Additionally, we can help you try to get out of a Habitual Traffic Offender status or challenge a variety of other Department of License matters. Call today to learn more.

    • License suspension hearings
    • Habitual Traffic Offender hearings
    • License restoration proceedings


If you’ve been convicted of a criminal charge, either after losing at trial or because you pled guilty, there may still be ways to undo the damage. You have the right to appeal a guilty verdict following a criminal trial. You may even be able to withdraw your guilty plea under certain circumstances. If you want to explore whether one of these opportunities is available to you on your criminal case, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney at Priest Criminal Defense today.

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  • Results.  There are no guarantees in criminal defense, but a great attorney increases your odds.