Additional Legal Services

Priest Criminal Defense does more than handle pending criminal charges.  In addition to DUIs, Domestic Violence, felonies and more, we provide a variety of related legal services.  We can help with traffic tickets, appeals, probation violations, warrants, expungements (vacating a conviction), sealing or redacting a court records, infraction hearings, and administrative actions.  If you need help with issues that are even loosely connected with criminal court, we can help.  Call today.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can be a pain.  Not only are they expensive, they can lead to higher insurance rates or even suspend your license.  However, with the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be able to beat your ticket without even having to go to court.  Sometimes, your traffic ticket might even have been issued related to a more serious criminal matter, like a DUI.  In these instances, how you handle your tickets may directly affect your DUI case, so having the help of a lawyer can make sure you don’t mess up your case.  If you want to fight your traffic tickets or infractions but don’t want to go it alone, call for a free consultation with a lawyer today.  We offer affordable flat fee work on a variety of traffic tickets, including:

  • Speeding Tickets
  • No Insurance Tickets
  • Commercial Driver License Matters
  • Negligent Driving


If you were convicted of a crime years ago, but it still is costing you jobs or housing opportunities, you may be able to have it expunged from your record. Once expunged, that conviction will prevent law enforcement from disseminating the conviction information, that conviction cannot be used in future sentencing determinations and you need not report in future job or housing applications. Perhaps you were arrested and charged for a crime but never convicted, but your record still shows the blemish of your having faced criminal charges. You might also be able to remove this from your criminal record, as well. If you want to try to erase a mistake from your past, call an attorney for help today.

Department of Licensing Hearings

Sometimes just being charged with a DUI is enough to get your license suspended. If you are arrested for a DUI charge and blow over a 0.08% or refuse a breath or blood test, the Department of License will likely automatically move to suspend your driver’s license. You can challenge this suspension, but time is of the essence. If you wait too long, you may be stuck with no driver’s license without having had a chance to fight. This can happen even if you beat the DUI or are never formally charged with a DUI. These administrative hearings are often complicated, so a knowledgeable DUI attorney can help you challenge your license suspension. Priest Criminal Defense even handles these administrative proceedings for free when you hire us to be the attorney on your DUI charge. Additionally, we can help you try to get out of a Habitual Traffic Offender status or challenge a variety of other Department of License matters. Call today to learn more.

    • License suspension hearings
    • Habitual Traffic Offender hearings
    • License restoration proceedings


If you’ve been convicted of a criminal charge, either after losing at trial or because you pled guilty, there may still be ways to undo the damage. You have the right to appeal a guilty verdict following a criminal trial. You may even be able to withdraw your guilty plea under certain circumstances. If you want to explore whether one of these opportunities is available to you on your criminal case, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney at Priest Criminal Defense today.