Domestic Violence Types in Washington State

Domestic violence encaptures more than a partner hitting a family member or spouse. The term domestic violence covers a broad range of violent acts in Washington State. Understanding what it coves, will help you understand if you have been a victim of domestic violence or if you’re being accused of it. Who Can Commit Domestic … Read more

Understanding Bail in Domestic Abuse Cases

When accused of domestic violence, Washington State requires mandatory arrest when probable cause exists. This means the alleged accuser faces defending their innocence, as well as posting a hefty bail sum before being allowed to walk free pending trial. If you’re worried about posting bail in a domestic abuse case, you have a few options … Read more

Can You Fight a Restraining Order in Washington State?

If you believe you have been wrongfully served with a restraining order in Washington State, you do have a chance to fight this order. To effectively fight the restraining order, you’ll need expert legal counsel and carefully follow the letter of the law. Can You Fight a Restraining Order in Washington State? Before a judge … Read more

Can I Get a Commercial Driver’s License With a DUI in Washington State?

Commercial Drivers and Truckers

Motorists convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in Washington State may face fines and jail time. For drivers who planned to pursue a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or already have one, your DUI has jeopardized your status and possibly your ability to keep that particular license. If the state revokes your CDL, your livelihood … Read more

Defending Yourself After a Second DUI Charge

Being convicted of a DUI for a second time can result in layers of penalties, including jail time, onerous fines, and losing your license for years. Throw in ignition interlock devices and other even less pleasant outcomes, and you can quickly see the need for expert legal help as quickly as you can get it. … Read more

Interfering With Reporting Domestic Violence

Interfering With Reporting Domestic Violence Few people know that it is a crime to stop someone from calling 911 to report a domestic violence crime. Although that may seem logical that the legislature would not want people to stop another person from reporting a crime, some nuances of the law make this law problematic in … Read more

Reckless Endangerment

Reckless Endangerment Reckless Endangerment is a crime that is often misunderstood. Although it can take many forms, it is basically any reckless action that “creates a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury to another person”. Even though a drive-by-shooting is certainly such an action, drive-by-shootings are specifically exempted from the statute because they … Read more

Collateral Damage from False Accusations of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is rightly decried as abhorrent behavior and it is universally accepted that perpetrators of spousal and other domestic abuse should be punished to the full extent of the law. But heavy-handed laws, overzealous social workers and even well-meaning friends of alleged victims of abuse can create an environment where it is all too … Read more