Reading the Fine Print in Plea Deals – Prosecutor Obligations in Exceptional Sentence Deals – State v. Neiler

prosecutor with tape over her mouth so she cannot go against plea deal

Prosecutor Obligations For Plea Deals With Exceptional Sentences By: Vancouver WA criminal defense & personal injury attorney Roger Priest When a criminal defendant and a prosecutor reach a plea deal, what can the prosecutor argue at sentencing? Because plea deals are like contracts, they bind the parties to honor the agreement. So, what can a … Read more

I’ll See you in Court (maybe)! – State v. Thurlby

empty chair with reserved sign - voluntary absence from trial

  Voluntary Absence From Trial & The Right To Be Present By: Vancouver WA criminal defense & personal injury attorney Roger Priest  Who says ‘The show must go on’? At least in Washington courts, an absent defendant can be tried and convicted.  This week in State v. Thurlby No. 91220-3, the Supreme Court of Washington … Read more


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Felony Charges

When dealing with felony charges, it pays to have a criminal defense lawyer who has trial experience and strong negotiation skills.  Because of the Sentencing Reform Act, there may often be creative resolutions to cases through negotiation.

Drug Charges

If you are facing drug charges, an experienced criminal defense drug lawyer in Vancouver WA can help.  Drug possession charges can range from misdemeanor charges for prescription drugs or felony drug trafficking.

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence crime can turn your life upside down in an instant.  If you are accused of a domestic violence assault or other DV charges, you can face dire consequences.


Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Vancouver & Clark Co. Top-Rated DUI Criminal Defensein Vancouver Washington Roger Priest is a criminal defense attorney in Vancouver WA with extensive courtroom experience in Washington’s complex criminal laws With thousands of DUI cases before the court, one thing is obvious. You need an experienced DUI lawyer when facing a … Read more


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