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Roger Priest was my Criminal Attorney for a DUI case I had in 2018. Through out the whole process he was in contact and always was reassuring! He gave his honest opinion on rather or not if my case would be worth going to trial, which is hard to come by! Today I left the courtroom a free man to come home to my family with a lot of tension lifted off my shoulders because of how he was articulate and presented my defense. I would say hes a true definition of ripping the Prosecutor a new one!!! All jokes aside, I am very lucky to have him in my corner and to be spared. I will take this experience as a wake up call because these opportunities don't come too often! Mr. Priest definitely deserves a 5 star rating for his devotion and overall performance.
Itzel Keefer
Itzel Keefer
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I recently consulted Roger for my first and only legal matter. He explained at length the legal ramifications that i was facing and he listened closely to all my questions and concerns. He was very attentive and empathetic towards my situation and did not rush through things. I would highly recommend Roger to anyone I know seeking legal representation.
Aaron Marlow
Aaron Marlow
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Roger Priest is professional, intelligent and experienced, you can tell by the way he holds himself in court. Out of the 21 lawyers I interviewed and compared on an excel spreadsheet. I put my trust in Roger and he didn't let me down.

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    Charged With A DUI/DWI In Vancouver, WA?

    A potential DUI, domestic violence, felony or misdemeanor… the consequences are the same. You might be facing jail time, probation, thousands of dollars in fines and loss of your job, your license and your reputation. Your future is on the line. What do you do? 

    If this has you worried, chances are our criminal defense attorney can help you navigate Clark County’s complex criminal justice system. 


    Hire Criminal Defense Attorney Roger Priest

    Roger Priest is a former prosecutor, former public defender and long-tenured private criminal defense attorney in Vancouver WA. Roger Priest has handled thousands of cases and nearly one hundred jury trials. 

     Do you want the best help in the courtroom? Then you need the help of someone who lives in the courtroom. Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor, we can help. We handle DUI charges, domestic violence charges, drug charges, assault, burglary, robbery, weapon charges, traffic crimes, serious felonies and more.

    "If you have been wrongfully charged with a crime, we can help you prepare a strong defense and fight for your liberty."

    Roger Priest, Attorney At Law

    Why Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney in Vancouver WA?

    Even if you don’t think you want to go to trial, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney. Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “I know I did it; I should just plead guilty and not waste everyone’s time.”

    While this might seem like you are taking responsibility, you may be making an irresponsible and rash decision. Judges have wide discretion when sentencing. Without having a criminal defense attorney to carefully negotiate on your behalf, you could be taking on jail when you didn’t have to. You could be pleading to more serious charges than you needed to. Worst of all, you might be wrong in your belief that your are guilty. 

    In other words, the law can be complicated.

    An experienced criminal defense attorney might show you that your case is actually defensible. Even if you are guilty, hiring a criminal defense lawyer can insure that you understand all potential consequences. It can guarantee that you are sentenced fairly. And it can make sure you don’t plead to more serious charges than absolutely necessary. 

     At VanWa Legal PLLC, we can help negotiate reduced charges, less jail time, lower fines, less restrictive probation and more. Because you likely don’t know how the system works, handling things on your own leaves your fate to chance.

    Can You Afford Quality Legal Representation In Vancouver?

    Is money the issue? Hiring a quality attorney shouldn’t have to bankrupt you, but your freedom is priceless. We offer flexible flat-fee payment plans, delegate some billable hours to paralegals to lower your costs, and can work with you to be able to afford quality representation. Give us the chance to earn your trust and business.

    Call VanWa Legal PLLC today to schedule a a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We are located in downtown Vancouver WA and near the Clark County courthouse. We can help throughout Southwest Washington. 

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    We are available 24/7.


    We’ve won scores of jury trials and handled thousands of cases.


    We make sure you know your case and our winning strategy.


    There are no guarantees in life, but a great attorney always helps your odds.

    Vancouver WA Criminal Defense Services

    Experienced Criminal Defense In Clark Co. Washington

    Located in Downtown Vancouver, Washington

    On criminal cases, we serve Clark County (including the municipal courts of Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, and Woodland).

    Plus we also take criminal cases as far away as the Southwest Washington counties of Cowlitz, Skamania, Lewis, Klickitat, Wahklakum, Pacific, or Thurston counties.

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