5 Important Things to Remember If You Are Facing a DUI Charge

As a DUI lawyer, I consult with a lot of people. Through the years, I’ve heard the same questions over and over. Because prospective clients often don’t know these keys concepts about a DUI case, I thought it would be helpful to write an article about the five most important things to keep in mind if you are ever facing a DUI investigation or case.

Attorney Roger Priest

Roger Priest Founding Attorney Phone (360) 326-1267 Facebook Globe Yelp Linkedin Biography Attorney Roger Priest is a Vancouver, Washington attorney lawyer handling criminal defense and personal injury law. As a criminal defense attorney, he handles DUI, domestic violence charges, felony matters, drug charges, expungement, firearm restorations and much more. As a personal injury attorney, he … Read more

Can the Judge Waive My Criminal Fines and Fees?

In the recent case of State v. Blazina, the Supreme Court of Washington considered whether legal financial obligations assessed against two criminal defendants were properly imposed. RCW 10.01.160(3) states that courts cannot order defendants to pay criminal court costs unless the defendant is or will be able to pay them. Courts are required to consider a defendant’s financial resources and the burden that payment of costs will impose on a defendant before they can be assessed.

DUI Search Warrants for Blood

DUI Search Warrants for Blood DUI Search Warrants For Blood Testing DUI Criminal Defense Attorney in Vancouver WA Roger Priest is a criminal defense attorney in Vancouver WA with extensive courtroom experience in Washington’s complex criminal laws The most common way to prove a DUI in Washington is by proving that a person’s “blood alcohol … Read more

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Nursing home patients are extremely vulnerable.  By definition, they need the help of professional caregivers to remain safe.  Nevertheless, there are numerous cases of negligence, abuse and unsafe premises in nursing homes.  If you have had a loved one injured in a nursing home setting, Vancouver WA personal injury attorney Roger Priest can … Read more

Negligent Highway Design and Maintenance

Highway Design and Maintenance Cases If you are injured in a car accident, you may have a claim against the other driver.  You may also have a case against the government.  How so?  If the design or maintenance of the roadway contributed to your injuries.  Potholes, lack of guardrails, lack of proper warnings signs.  They … Read more