Negligent Highway Design and Maintenance

Highway Design and Maintenance Cases

If you are injured in a car accident, you may have a claim against the other driver.  You may also have a case against the government.  How so?  If the design or maintenance of the roadway contributed to your injuries.  Potholes, lack of guardrails, lack of proper warnings signs.  They can all cause or worsen a personal injury accident.  Car accident lawyer Roger Priest can help you evaluate your personal injury claim from top to bottom.  We can help you decide the value of your claim and against whom you have a viable action.

The government in Washington is held to the same standard as an regular person if they are negligent.  Where the government is legally responsible for your damages, they can be sued in court for damages.  Such cases can be complicated and expensive, but sometimes it is necessary.  The use of experts including accident reconstructionists and highway engineers can help make a case.  And where the government is liable, a good personal injury lawyer can help hold them responsible.

Highway Liability Cases

Common issues for negligent highway design include roads not built to plan, lack of guardrails, dangerous intersections or railroad crossings, lack of necessary signs and road construction hazards.  If any of these issues contributed or caused the accident, it pays to hire a personal injury lawyer right away to help with your injury claim.

Poor maintenance can also be the culprit.  Ice, snow, gravel, oil and refuse can all contribute to accidents.  Also overgrown trees, nonfunctioning traffic and street lights and more can make roadways unsafe.  In any such case, there may be evidence that the government knew of the dangerous conditions and failed to use tax dollars to fix them.  In such a case, the government might be liable for your car accident injury.  Call Vancouver Washington attorney Roger Priest today to schedule a free consultation.  We are here to help.