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Motor vehicle accidents make up the lion’s share of personal injury cases.  The act of driving a multi-ton box of steel  at high speeds is bound to cause some injuries.  A motor vehicle accident attorney can help you if you are among the unlucky few who fall victim to a motor vehicle injury.  Make no mistake, though, there are many types of motor vehicle accidents and each one should be approached differently.

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motor vehicle accident attorney vancouver wa

Car Accident Claims

The most common MVA accident is the car accident.  Personal injury car accident cases most commonly occur when one car strikes another.  Inevitably a car crash is one driver’s fault (or both drivers’ to varying degrees).  In either case, one injured driver may be entitled to a recovery from the other driver’s insurance.  Because this process is complicated, it often pays to hire a motor vehicle accident attorney to help you negotiate (and potentially fight) the insurance companies.  If you’ve been involved in a car accident and were injured by another driver’s negligence, call Roger Priest to see how we can help.

Truck Accident

Truck accident cases are often an entirely different beast than your average car accident case.  Commercial semi-truck accidents often involve commercial insurance policies.  Commercial trucking insurance has higher insurance claim limits and often much more serious injuries.  Being rear-ended by a semi-truck is going to cause more injury than being rear-ended by a Corolla.  Furthermore, the trucking industry is regulated by federal and state laws that don’t apply to your average driver.  It makes sense that drivers of big commercial trucks should follow stricter laws than the average driver.  Because of the extra legal compliance, a semi-truck driver and their company could be legally responsible in your injury case.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle injury cases often have much different injuries than a rear-end car accident.  When a car driver is at fault in a motor vehicle accident with a motorcycle, the motorcycle driver can be catastrophically injured.  Head injuries and brain injuries are more likely.  Spinal injuries are more likely.  Broken bones are more likely.  Lastly, motorcycle riders may have to lay a bike down to avoid more serious injuries.  This can lead to serious road burn, requiring extensive skin grafting surgeries.  Because the medical needs are so different in a motorcycle accident, the case is much different than the average car accident.  Call a motorcycle lawyer today to discuss your motorcycle injury case.

Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Bicycle injury cases, like motorcycle injury cases, often involve more extensive damages than car accident cases.  Bicyclists have little protection from injuries when involved in a collision with a car.  Damages in bicycling cases are often more nuanced, because bicyclists are often extremely active people.  So, when they lost the ability to be so active, it is important to consider those damages carefully.  How do you compensate someone fairly for taking away their passions and hobbies?  A bicycle accident attorney can help you sort through the medical and special damages to help you best craft your claim.

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