What Should I Tell My Family or Boss About My Arrest?

By: Vancouver criminal defense attorney Roger Priest

After being arrested, one of the concerns that might weigh most heavily on your mind may be what to tell your family or employer.  The answer depends on multiple factors: the circumstances of the arrest, how it might impact your job or family life, or the consequences you’re facing as a result of the arrest.

Telling Your Family About An Arrest

As much as you may dread it, you should probably tell your family about your arrest. They’ll be disappointed and angry, but if they find out through the media or other people, it can make a bad situation much worse.

In delivering the news, it’s probably best to be straightforward. Explain the circumstances of your arrest, the next steps of the criminal justice process, and the best case and worst-case scenarios, if you know them. If you’ve hired a lawyer, let them know. Help them to feel reassured by speaking in a calm voice, expressing regret for what happened, and letting them know you’re trying to minimize any adverse impact on the family.

You probably shouldn’t share too many details about the actions that led to your arrest, especially any potentially self-incriminating information. Your lawyers should tell you which details should remain between you and them. If you don’t know what you shouldn’t talk about, ask your lawyer.

Telling Your Your Employer About An Arrest

 Before you tell your employer about your arrest, it’s a good idea to speak with your lawyer. In some cases, it may not be necessary to share such information right away. An arrest is not the same as a conviction or pleading guilty, and it may come to nothing.

However, there may be certain circumstances where you should inform your employer as soon as possible. If the state, the industry, or company policy requires disclosure of an arrest, then you must report it immediately.[1] In these circumstances, failing to disclose could cost your job–even if the arrest itself would not have, had you been honest.

You should also disclose the arrest if it affects your ability to perform your duties. For example, if you are a truck driver whose license was suspended because of a DUI arrest, you should let your employer know.

When it comes to employment, your best bet is to plan an approach to disclosure with your attorney. A good lawyer can help you protect your rights and job to the extent possible.

[1] https://woman.thenest.com/notify-employer-arrested-19505.html

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