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Firearm rights restoration is just one of the legal services that Roger Priest can help you with. Your Second Amendment right to bear arms is priceless, so we can help you be able to enjoy the benefits of gun ownership again. Whether you enjoy hunting, range shooting, or simply need a firearm for home protection, we can help.

Mostly likely, we can help restore your firearm rights without you even having to go to court. We offer full service, stress-free representation on an affordable flat-fee basis. If you’ve lost your firearm rights, contact us to see if we can help you regain your constitutional rights.

If You Have Been Arrested Or Charged With A Crime In Clark County or Vancouver WA, Time Is Of The Essence!

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Loss of Firearm Rights

You can lose your right to possess firearms following certain convictions or imposition of certain court orders. If legally deprived of this right, you must be advised orally and in writing that you must surrender any concealed pistol license, and that you may not possess a firearm unless your right is restored by the court.

Any felony conviction automatically leads to loss of the right to possess firearms, as do many “domestic violence” misdemeanor offenses. These include convictions for:

  1. Assault in the Fourth Degree
  2. Stalking
  3. Coercion
  4. Reckless Endangerment
  5. Criminal Trespass in the First Degree
  6. Violations of a Protection Order or No Contact Order

Possessing a firearm after having your firearm rights terminated is a big deal and can lead to a felony conviction, so it is vital to seek the help of an experienced attorney to help you earn back your right to possess firearms. We can help you file a petition to restore firearm rights in Vancouver WA and much of Southwest Washington.

Are You Eligible to Reinstate?

You must meet certain criteria to qualify to have your firearm rights restored. Primarily, if you were convicted off a sex offense or Class A felony charge, you cannot have your firearm rights restored. Also, you may not be currently facing prosecution for any criminal charge.

Firearm Rights Restoration Following a Misdemeanor Conviction

If you are seeking to restore your firearm rights lost because of a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor, you must, at a minimum, demonstrate that at least three consecutive years have passed without being convicted of any other crimes. You must also have completed all conditions of the underlying sentence, including paying all fines, fees, and restitution.

Firearm Rights Restoration Following a Felony Conviction

If you are trying to restore your gun rights following a felony conviction, you must show, at least, that five consecutive years have passed without being convicted of any crimes.

Flat Fees and Payment Plans Available

Every case is different, so it is important to schedule a free consultation to see whether you currently qualify to restore your firearm rights. We offer affordable flat fee representation and can space the payments out over time, if you need a payment plan. You have nothing to lose, so call to talk to an attorney about your gun rights, today.

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