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After growing up in small-town Alaska, Kevin got his undergraduate degree at the University Of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2004 and attended Lewis and Clark Law School, graduating with a certificate in Criminal Law & Justice. While in law school, Kevin worked for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor, gaining valuable experience on the governmental side of the criminal justice system. He also worked for the Public Defender’s Office in Alaska, representing indigent defendants in criminal cases.
Kevin has been practicing law in Clark County since 2014. Primarily focused on criminal law, he worked for several years in public defense before joining VanWa Legal PLLC. Kevin also has experience in Juvenile Law and Dependency Law. He currently handles a variety DUI and criminal defense matters


School: Lewis & Clark Law School
Degree: Criminal Law & Justice
Graduated: 2014


Public Defender’s Office in Alaska

Multnomah County District Attorney’s

Criminal Defense Attorney Services In Vancouver, WA.

Roger Priest is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Vancouver, Washington, with extensive courtroom experience in complex criminal laws. Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor, we can help.

Driving Under The Influence

You need an experienced DUI lawyer when facing a Washington DUI. In DUI defense, not just any attorney will do. Roger Priest is a Vancouver WA DUI attorney practice with years of experience handling hundreds of cases.

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence crime can turn your life upside down in an instant. If you are accused of a domestic violence assault, you can be subject to a mandatory arrest, imposition of a no contact order, loss of your firearm rights, and much worse.
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Drug Charges

If you are facing drug charges, an experienced criminal defense drug lawyer in Vancouver WA can help. Drug possession charges can range from misdemeanor charges for prescription drugs or felony drug trafficking
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Criminal Record Expungements

Is a criminal conviction keeping you from your dream job? In some cases, expungement lawyers can help you do just that. A Washington expungement lawyer can help you figure out whether that blemish on your record can be erased. Call today to schedule a free consultation and find out whether expungement is available to you.

Gun Rights Restoration

Firearm rights restoration is just one of the legal services that Roger Priest can help you with. Your Second Amendment right to bear arms is priceless, so we can help you be able to enjoy the benefits of gun ownership again. Whether you enjoy hunting, range shooting, or simply need a firearm for home protection, we can help.



Charges of criminal assault can vary greatly in seriousness. A simple assault charge is a gross misdemeanor and can arise from a simple pushing incident. Assault in the First Degree can lead to life imprisonment in certain circumstances.


Felony burglary charges in Washington can vary quite a bit. Burglary can range from a C felony to an A felony. It can be charged in certain domestic violence charges or it could include an otherwise simple shoplifting incident.
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Shoplifting charges or other theft related charges can have a lasting impression, affecting your career and income. A theft lawyer can help you decide whether you have a good defense to shoplifting charges before deciding how to proceed.

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