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dui felony offense represented by strike 4 in baseballMost DUI charges are gross misdemeanor charges.  A small subset of repeat DUI offenses are charged as felonies however.  A class B DUI felony can be charged when:

  1. a person commits a DUI and has four or more prior DUI offenses within ten years as defined in RCW 46.61.5055; or
  2. a person commits a DUI and has previously been convicted of:
    • Vehicular homicide while under the influence (or a comparable out-of-state offense);
    • Vehicular assault while under the influence (or a comparable out-of-state offense);
    • a DUI felony

It is generally difficult to get the point of being charged with a DUI felony, simply because one must already have a bunch of DUIs recently, a vehicular homicide or vehicular assault conviction.  Despite being rarely charged, a DUI felony often carries stiff sentences because each prior DUI can further enhance the offender score at sentencing.  Defenses for a felony DUI charge can be technical and often include attacking the validity of the underlying DUI convictions.  Keeping out one of the previous DUI convictions can sometimes be the difference between getting a felony or a misdemeanor.

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