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Domestic Violence No Contact Orders

DV No-Contact order are serious business. These are court orders issued by Washington courts that prohibit a person from contacting another person by any means or going to that person’s home, work or school.

Courts issue these no contact orders either when a person petitions the court for such protection or if criminal charges of domestic violence are filed.  Additionally, the court can issue similar no contact orders unrelated to domestic violence.  It can be confusing what kind of order you are dealing with, so they generally break down as follows:

  • Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) – RCW 26.50 allows a victim of domestic violence to petition a Washington court for a civil order of protection that prevents the perpetrator of domestic violence from making any further contact with the victim.  Petition for such an order requires the opportunity for a hearing where the alleged perpetrator can challenge the sufficiency of the proof of the allegations.  If the court finds that domestic violence did in fact occur, it will issue the order.
  • Domestic Violence No Contact Orders (DVNCO)RCW 10.99.040 allows a criminal court to order an alleged or convicted perpetrator of the domestic violence criminal laws to have no contact with the victim.  There is often little to no difference between how a DVPO or a DVNCO operate, other than how they come into existence.
  • Civil Antiharassment Order  – RCW 10.14 allows a person who is has been the the victim of personal harassment to seek an restraining order against the perpetrator through a Washington court.  If the court finds that the perpetrator has violated the privacy of the victim through repeated acts of harassment, coercion, intimiation or otherwise impermissible contact, they can order the perpetrator to have no further contact with the victim.  This type of order is not designed for issues related to domestic violence, so no proof of an intimate or family relationship is required.

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