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domestic assault offenses attorney vancouver waCharges of criminal assault can vary greatly in seriousness.  A simple assault charge (Assault in the Fourth Degree) is a gross misdemeanor and can arise from a simple pushing incident.  Assault in the First Degree can lead to life imprisonment in certain circumstances.  When assault is charged as a domestic violence crime, it carries additional punishments than it otherwise would.

Domestic violence assault charges are assault charges that occur between people that have been in an intimate relationship or who are family or household members.  Domestic Violence assault charges can lead to loss of gun rights, loss of governmental benefits, and can prevent you from working in certain fields.  They can also lead to a Domestic Violence No Contact Order.  Priest Criminal Defense is a domestic violence attorney who represents clients in a variety of domestic violence assault charges throughout Vancouver, WA and Southwest Washington.

It is vital that you get the help of an experienced domestic violence lawyer if you are accused of domestic violence assault.  Getting good lawyer advice early can help you avoid the common pitfalls that can potentially ruin a defensible DV assault case.

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Assault in the Fourth Degree (Domestic Violence)

The most commonly charged form of domestic violence assault is Assault in the Fourth Degree Domestic Violence.  There are three types of Assault in the Fourth Degree.

  1. Any harmful or offensive touching, striking, cutting, or shooting of another person, regardless of whether the person sustains physical injury;
  2. Any failed attempt to inflict bodily injury upon another, so long as the attempt was apparently capable of injuring the person if not prevented; and
  3. Any act intended to cause another person, and which does in fact reasonably cause, apprehension and fear of bodily injury.

Assault in the Fourth Degree (Domestic Violence) charges are often very defensible.  Many times, the victim is uncooperative, there are no injuries or physical evidence to substantiate the charges, or the case is a simple “he said she said.”   An experienced domestic violence attorney can help you prepare a winning case and often beat the charges.

Assault in the Second Degree (Domestic Violence)

Sometimes, domestic violence is charged as a serious felony.  Assault in the Second Degree most commonly occurs when one:

  1. Recklessly inflicts substantial bodily harm against another;
  2. Assaults another person with a deadly weapon; or
  3. Assaults another person by strangulation or suffocation.

There are other means of committing Assault in the Second Degree, but these are by far, the most commonly charged types.  Assault in the Second Degree (Domestic Violence) constitutes a Strike Offense (your third conviction can result in life imprisonment), and can easily carry a long prison sentence.

Assault Charge Criminal Defense

In such cases, it is vital to enlist the help of a domestic violence lawyer in Vancouver WA & Clark County as soon as possible, to insure that your criminal exposure is minimized.  Don’t go it alone.  Call an experienced domestic violence lawyer for a free consultation today.

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