One-Car Accident Injury Cases

Vancouver Washington personal injury lawyer Roger Priest can help with a variety of car accident injury cases.  Many people understand that you can sue another driver if they cause a wreck with your car.  However, many people don’t know that personal injury claims may also be available in one-car accident injury cases.  These can include a variety of issues.  Passengers may sue the driver for negligence where the driver injures the passenger.  This can apply whether the driver was a cab driver, Uber or Lyft driver, or even just the average private citizen.  In rare cases, a driver may have a claim against a passenger if the passenger was at fault for the car wreck.  You might have have a claim against the government if the government failed to maintain the roads in a safe condition.  Sometimes, another vehicle may run you off the road and take off.  These are known as “phantom vehicle” cases.  In such a case, you may not know who the other driver is and therefore cannot sue their insurance company.  However, you may have recourse by filing an action against your own insurance company for a uninsured motorist claim.

Injury  Claims by Passengers

If you were a passenger in another person’s car, you may be able to sue them under personal injury law.  A driver of a motor vehicle has a duty of care to other drivers and his or her own passengers.  It may seem unfriendly to sue a friend for their dangerous or bad driving, however, it is important to remember that you are simply filing a claim against their insurance.  That is the entire reason they have insurance; to protect themselves and their friends and family in the case of an accident.  If a cab driver or a Uber or Lyft driver causes you injury, you may also be entitled to a recovery against their insurance.  Professional common carriers owe the highest duty of care to their customers.

Injury Claims Against the Government

In some cases, a single car accident might be the accident of the government for failing to maintain the roads in a safe condition.  The government has a duty to keep highway surfaces and the adjoining shoulder in a reasonably safe condition for drivers.  Where a road has fallen into such disrepair that it presents a hazard for drivers, it might be possible to bring an action against the government for a car accident injury claim.  These cases are very fact specific, so it is vital to speak to a personal injury attorney very early in the case.  Documenting the condition of the road right away can make a huge difference.  Depending on the circumstances, road construction damage that leads to a personal injury accident might even make it possible to sue the contractor in charge of the repairs.

Hit and Runs and Phantom Car One-Car Accidents

Sometimes a car causes an accident and the driver flees the scene.  Sometimes, a driver causes a single car accident for another driver and doesn’t stop.  In both scenarios, it might be impossible to track down the responsible party.  In these cases, you may have to rely on suing your own insurance coverage (or the driver’s coverage if you are a passenger).  This can be done via a uninsured motorist claim or underinsured motorist claim.  UIM coverage is additional coverage that protects you when the responsible party either has no insurance or too little insurance.  The procedure in such cases is often different than your standard case.  It pays to talk to an attorney if you have such a claim or some combination of a liability and UIM claim together.

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