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In Stevenson WA, you have a lot of choices for your criminal defense attorney. But few have the experience, trial skills, negotiation prowess and communication styles necessary to best handle your criminal defense case. At VanWa Legal PLLC, our criminal defense lawyers are highly experienced trial attorneys, with countless hours of trial and courtroom experience.  We’ve worked in prosecution, public defense, and now private criminal defense helping regular folks from Stevenson Washington and Clark County avoid jail, fines and worse.  We understand the criminal justice system.  We’ve defended criminal charges just like yours and know how to best get you disentangled from the court system.  If you’ve been charged with a DUI, domestic violence, misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, you owe it to yourself to call a criminal defense lawyer who knows the law and how to make it work for you. We offer a free consultation on every case. We also work with you on flexible payment plans if you cannot afford to pay our fees all upfront. In Washington, the stakes are high for the criminally accused. We offer a free consultation on every case. We also work with you on flexible payment plans if you cannot afford to pay all upfront. Start by making the smart call to VanWa Legal PLLC today.

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We handle all types of criminal charges in Stevenson and throughout Washington. Need a DUI lawyer (driving under the influence)? Facing domestic violence charges? Assault charges? Do you have a probation violation? Juvenile law matter? Need a drug lawyer? Burglary charges? Other felony crimes? The types of criminal justice cases go on and on and we handle them all. We can even help with other types of matters related to criminal law.

Need an expungement attorney so you can clean up your criminal record? We can help. Are you trying to restore your gun rights after a disqualifying conviction? We can help. No criminal case is too big or too small. Give us a call today to get the help of a criminal defense lawyer with your theft charges, arson charges, sexual assault charges or other criminal law cases.

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DUI Criminal Defense Charges

Driving under the influence is one of the most commonly charged criminal cases. We handle a variety of different impaired driving charges. If you need a DUI lawyer, we can help whether you are facing a DUI first offense or DUI felony. While DUI misdemeanor charges are the most common, we can help no matter what level of aggravated DUI charge you face. Roger Priest is a DUI attorney with years of experience handling all aspects of DUI cases. We handle DOL license suspension hearings, suppression issues, trial, deferred prosecution cases, and DUI probation matters. Drunk driving cases can be complicated and can have long lasting effects on your life, so call us today schedule a free consultation. Don’t set yourself up for a stiff DUI punishment. DUI sentencing laws often require mandatory jail, so it pays to have a DUI defense lawyer take a look at your case. There are other drinking and driving laws besides DUI and DWI too.

We handle Negligent Driving cases, Reckless Driving Cases, Driving Under 21 Years of Age After Consuming Alcohol, and
Minor in Possession charges as well. We will work with you on a payment plan if you can’t pay it all upfront. It is more important to help you get started than to get paid all at once. If you’ve been charged with DUI, pick up the phone and call Roger Priest today.

Specific Criminal Law Charges

Follow one of the below links to read more your specific criminal law matter. Criminal charges often have very different punishments, so read a little bit more about what to expect from your particular case.

Regardless of the charge, we can help.  Call today to talk directly to Roger Priest and get the answers you need to take control of your case.  We are available to meet right away.  We can offer flexible payment plans.  The consultation is free.  What do you have to lose?  Get the help of a criminal defense attorney today.

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Roger handled my case promptly and painlessly. We are from out of state and had spoken with quite a few attorneys in the area before we made the trip. Roger was middle of the road cost-wise (which was truly fair)and was clearly competent, handling the case in one trip over as oppose to the two or even three trip process many of the others were communicating would be the case. I would hire again without a second thought. Thanks again Roger.

Shelley W 5 star testimonial
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Excellent responsiveness, considerate and honest. Roger got the job done results were in my favor. Couldn’t be happier, Highly recommend!!

Karin Saltz 5 star testimonial
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Roger Priest provided truly exceptional service for a family member of mine. He was an extraordinary value for the level of knowledge and proffessionalism he provided. My loved one got the deal of a lifetime thanks to him. If any of my friends or family are ever in a less than fortunate spot and need legal advice Roger will always be my #1 reccomendation.

Taylor Vance 5 star testimonial
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Roger Priest is professional, intelligent and experienced, you can tell by the way he holds himself in court. Out of the 21 lawyers I interviewed and compared on an excel spreadsheet. I put my trust in Roger and he didn\'t let me down.

Aaron M 5 star testimonial
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Roger Priest was my Criminal Attorney for a DUI case I had in 2018. Through out the whole process he was in contact and always was reassuring! He gave his honest opinion on rather or not if my case would be worth going to trial, which is hard to come by! Today I left the courtroom a free man to come home to my family with a lot of tension lifted off my shoulders because of how he was articulate and presented my defense. I am very lucky to have him in my corner and to be spared. I will take this experience as a wake up call because these opportunities don\\\'t come too often! Mr. Priest definitely deserves a 5 star rating for his devotion and overall performance.

JB 5 star testimonial
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Roger Priest was referred to me by another lawyer (who could not take my case). Out of the 3 lawyers I reached out to Mr. Priest was willing to hear my case and not just try and convince me to take the easy route and plead out. He was informative, honest, and very tactical (in his approach with my case). Mr. Priest not only kept me updated with his plans and what to except he involved me in every aspect I could be in. He was very approachable and kind. I won my case, I wouldn’t have if I had gone with another lawyer. I am very satisfied with having had Roger Priest defend me. I hope to never have to use his services again but definitely would rehire him again (I wish I could hire him as my divorce attorney).

Alicia S. 5 star testimonial
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I recently consulted Roger for my first and only legal matter. He explained at length the legal ramifications that i was facing and he listened closely to all my questions and concerns. He was very attentive and empathic towards my situation and did not rush through things. I would highly recommend Roger to anyone I know seeking legal representation.

Itzel Keefer 5 star testimonial

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