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How an Expert DUI Attorney Improves Your Chances of a Positive Outcome

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI, employing an expert attorney in DUI law can mean the difference between years in jail and thousands of dollars in fine or being able to continue with your everyday life. Regardless of the level of DUI charge, working to clear your offense will affect your life […]


What is a Department of Licensing DUI hearing?

Hi, my name is Roger Priest with VanWa Legal PLLC and I’m a local DUI attorney in Vancouver, Washington.  Today I want to clear up an issue that often confuses my clients, which is what is an Administrative DOL hearing regarding my DUI. If you’ve ever been charged with a DUI, you were likely handed […]


Should I take Field Sobriety Tests?

Hi, i’m attorney Roger Priest with Vanwa Legal PLLC.   I’m a local dui attorney in Vancouver, Washington, and today i’m going to answer a question for you that i often hear from potential clients and my clients   “Do i need to take field sobriety tests?,” or “should i take field sobriety tests?”   There […]


Will a DUI Result in a License Suspension?

  Hi, I’m Roger Priest with VanWa Legal PLLC I’m a local defense attorney here in Vancouver, Washington. Today I’m going to answer a question that I often receive from my DUI clients which is “Am I going to have my license suspended for my DUI and is there any way to avoid it?” The […]


How Long Will My License Be Suspended if I Get a DUI?

Hi, I’m Roger Priest with VanWa Legal PLLC, and I am a local DUI attorney in Vancouver, WA. Today I’m going to answer a question for you that I often receive from my clients, which is, “How long will my license be suspended for my DUI?” The question has many answers, so depending on


Should I Take a Breath Test When Charged With DUI?

  Hi I’m Roger Priest with VanWa Legal PLLC and I am a local criminal defense attorney in Vancouver Washington. Today I’m going to answer a question I often receive from potential clients who have been arrested for a dui and that is, “Should I take the breath test?” This question often comes after a […]


Should I do Deferred Prosecution on my DUI?

Hi, I’m Roger Priest and I’m a local DUI attorney with Van Wa Legal PLLC in Vancouver, Washington and today I’m going to answer a question that I often receive from potential and current DUI clients of mine: what is deferred prosecution and should I do deferred prosecution? deferred prosecution is a program in Washington […]


What Defines Felony and Misdemeanor DUI in Washington State?

Driving Under The Influence (DUI) can be considered a misdemeanor or felony, depending on a few critical factors. In Washington State, the difference between the two varies from thousands of dollars in fines to even jail time. What Is Considered Misdemeanour DUI In Washington State? The majority of DUI cases in Washington State classify as […]


Can I Get My DUI Reduced?

Hi, I’m Roger Priest, lead attorney at VanWa Legal PLLC in Vancouver Washington and here today I am here to answer a question that I hear a lot. “Can I get my DUI reduced?” While it is possible to get your DUI reduced, it is very fact specific depending on your particular case. I can […]

Boating under the influence DUI

BUI: Did You Drink and Boat?

In the state of Washington, it’s illegal to operate a boat or paddlecraft while under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. Boating under the influence is a gross misdemeanor and can result in fines or jail time. If you have been charged with boating under the influence, it is recommended that you retain an attorney […]


Am I Eligible for a Deferred DUI Prosecution?

In Washington State, a deferred prosecution, as laid out in 10.05 RCW, allows someone accused of a crime, such as a DUI, to cite diseases such as alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health issues and seek medical treatment and avoid harsh prosecution. What Is Deferred DUI Prosecution? Deferred DUI prosecution allows those suffering from alcoholism, […]


Evidence That Can Be Used Against You in a DUI Case

When charged in a DUI case, defendants may fear the case will be open-and-shut if an officer administered a blood-alcohol test. However, more evidence than just a breathalyzer test can be used against you, and understanding what type of evidence will be used can help you and your legal team mount the best defense. What […]


What is the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and Felony DUI in Washington State?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can incur heavy fines, license suspension, and even jail time. However, certain factors determine whether Washington State’s legal system deems your infraction a misdemeanor or felony. Understanding the difference between the two and the contributing factors to how the court classifies a misdemeanor versus felony DUI can […]


Reinstating Your Driver’s License After a Second DUI in Washington State

After being charged or, in many cases, only arrested with a second DUI in Washington State, the Washington State Department of Licensing or courts revoke your driver’s license. Losing your license can affect your ability to get to work, care for your family, and generally disrupt your life. Enlisting the help of a law firm […]


Non-Legal Help For Repeat DUI Offenders

When police charge someone with a second DUI, a more profound issue exists — the person likely abuses alcohol and or drugs. Someone who has been arrested multiple times with a DUI is known as a “repeat offender,” and non-legal remedies exist to help them receive the help they need. What Are The Typical Penalties […]

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