Defending Yourself After a Second DUI Charge

Being convicted of a DUI for a second time can result in layers of penalties, including jail time, onerous fines, and losing your license for years. Throw in ignition interlock devices and other even less pleasant outcomes, and you can quickly see the need for expert legal help as quickly as you can get it. With experienced counsel, it is possible to get charges dismissed or significantly reduced.

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Consequences of Poor Representation of Your DUI Case

One of the first things someone accused of DUI learns once they are entered into the legal system is that the cases can be overwhelmingly complex. If proper process isn’t followed, the penalties that someone convicted of DUI face can radically effect their lives for years to come. There is a lot of misinformation flying about on the internet about how to handle a DUI charge. If you decide to follow some of this misguided advice or worse, represent yourself at your hearing, you could end up in a vary bad position.

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