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If your child or loved one under 18 years old has been brought up on drug possession charges, the consequences can be long-lasting and alter the course of their lives.

Taking your minor’s possession charges seriously upfront can determine how the rest of their life plays out. The first step is to hire a seasoned attorney to help you with your case.

What Happens When You’re Charged With Drug Possession?

A possession charge ranks among the most common drug charges — especially in arrests made under local drug laws. In Washington State, possession is defined as having alcohol or drugs anywhere around you, which can cause harsh consequences for good kids.

Drug possession charges for adults and minors are similar in that the quantity of drugs, the type of drug, where you were, and when you were arrested determine how severe the case can be. But, again, depending on your location, you could be facing state or federal drug charges.

With minors, three key elements will help chart the case:

  • If they knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance.
  • If they had a valid prescription, and
  • If the number of drugs was for personal use or intended for sale.

What Are The Consequences for A Minor Charged With Possession?

Whether the minor is charged with intent to distribute the drugs will determine the consequences if convicted.

In some cases, a good lawyer may recommend your minor agrees to a diversion deal, where it allows first-time offenders to maintain a clean criminal record by pleading guilty and then completing a prescribed substance abuse program.

If convicted, the first offense could lead to having your child’s driver’s license revoked until 17, or for at least one year. In severe cases, the fines can reach up to $5,000 and 364 days in prison.

Suppose these charges go on your child’s record. In that case, it can affect their ability to get into college, eligibility for a college loan, land a job in the future, ability to enlist in the military, and more.

What Should I Do If My Child Has Been Charged With Drug Possession?

If your child has been charged with drug possession, call VanWa Legal right away. Our legal team boasts years of experience fighting for our clients in the Washington State legal system.

In some cases, drug possession charges can carry more severe consequences than a DUI for a minor. We understand the nuance of drug laws and how a conviction can alter your child’s life forever.

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