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In domestic violence cases, child custody, eviction, and jail time are at stake. Approximately 1.3 million women are a victim of domestic violence from their intimate partner each year.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Before understanding how prosecutors will approach a domestic violence case, it’s important to understand what domestic violence encompasses.

Domestic violence is a “catch-all phrase” for murder, assault, stalking, kidnapping, harassment, and more, between people that are blood relatives, married, in an intimate romantic relationship, or lived together.

What Tactics Do Prosecutors Use In Domestic Violence Cases?

Before the trial even starts, prosecutors will hold a hearing for a temporary restraining order to ensure the victim is protected. The defendant does not need to be present during this hearing, and the police will serve them with the order after the judge has signed the order.

First, they will use gather evidence to prove their case. Prosecutors will gather the following evidence to help earn a conviction:

  • Phone records and 911 calls
  • Domestic violence reports
  • Photos of the scene of the crime showing any struggle
  • Medical records and reports that show any injuries the plaintiff suffered
  • Written reports from victims and police officers out of court
  • Compile a list of witnesses who can testify to the violence

Prosecutors will avoid relying on victim testimony alone. The victim may fear the defendant and not want to testify. The victim may not wish to cooperate, and jurors may consider that the victim could be lying.

If the defendant attempts to contact the victim, the prosecutor will employ a witness intimidation strategy by the defendant. This can land the defendant will a harsher sentence, fines, or more jail time.

What Should I Do If I Am Involved In A Domestic Violence Case?

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